Join Our Campaign and be a Sponsor

Please consider being a sponsor with us. When you commit to covering material costs and donate to the United Way, a 501(c)(3), we’ll ship our facemasks to you – and you donate them to essential personnel in your own community. For every 1,000 masks you donate, we’ll donate 100 to the United Way on your behalf. It’s that simple.

Together we can do this!

Learn more about how our sponsors have supported Sew the Masks in their communities here:


Thank you to some of our generous sponsors!

TD Garden
Pallet One
UMass Memorial Health Alliance - Clinton

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Connect with us and commit to partnering with AIS to cover the costs of the facemasks.
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Step 2

Let us know how many facemasks you’d like to donate within your own community to first responders and those at risk (see table below). For every 1,000 masks you donate, we’ll donate 100 to the United Way*.

Step 3

As our team of Rosies around the country sew and return facemasks, we’ll perform a quality check and prepare the masks for shipment to you.
Contribution Amount
1,000 masks
1,500 masks
2,000 masks
2,500 masks

* For every 1,000 masks you commit to donate, 100 masks are given to the United Way on your behalf for distribution across their broad network of charitable organizations.

Seeking Masks for Your Employees?

When sponsors choose to donate masks, they can also purchase additional facemasks for distribution to their own employees. These masks will be sewn by our AIS production team – not the volunteer Rosies. These are the same high quality masks they will donate and can be purchased for $4.75 each.