Are you Ready to Sew?

Meet Rosie. She is an unstoppable mask making seamstress and she needs your help! Together, our goal is to sew 1 million masks for essential personnel and those at risk.

Let’s Save Some Lives.

Sometimes big challenges call for simple solutions and we can all play our part. We're making it simple by providing high quality supplies for making masks so your efforts make the biggest difference.

We Send You a Kit

Volunteers will be sent a kit containing pre-cut materials for 50 facemasks.


You Sew the Masks!

Sew sew sew. Then, return the masks to us within 25-30 days, using our prepaid shipping label.

Extra Credit:  When you sew and return 2 kits @ 50 facemasks within 30 days, we’ll send you a SewTheMasks Tee Shirt and a $25 Gift Card!


You Send It Back

We do a quality check and work to get them donated quickly to first responders and those at risk.

Send Me A Kit

Complete the form below and we’ll send you a kit for 50 facemasks – including all the precut and sorted materials you’ll need. (NOTE: we can only send one kit to you at a time. Once you sew and return 50 masks, another kit can be sent, if you like.)

Please allow 10-12 business days for your facemask kit to arrive. Privacy Information
(U.S. Addresses only.)

Here’s How it Works

  1. We send the kit to you.
  2. You sew the masks and return them to us within 25-30 days.
  3. We’ll get the masks donated to first responders and those at risk individuals.
  4. Together, we’ll help fight COVID-19.